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Body Leasing: Flexible acquisition of IT specialists

By 16 May 2023June 7th, 2023No Comments

Today, companies are increasingly faced with the challenge of attracting IT professionals. In response to these needs, solutions such as body leasing are becoming increasingly popular. In this article, we present the advantages of this model of cooperation, especially in the context of the IT industry.

  1. Flexibility

Body leasing allows for easy adaptation to the dynamically changing needs of the company. With this model, companies can hire specialists for a certain period of time, with the possibility of extending or shortening the cooperation. This solution is particularly beneficial for companies with projects of varying duration or seasonal IT requirements.

  1. Speed of response

Working with a body leasing company allows you to respond quickly to your business needs. Such a company is able to provide the right IT specialist at short notice, allowing the project to be carried out efficiently. In the case of a permanent hire, the process of recruiting and training an employee can take much longer, affecting the overall efficiency of the project.

  1. A wide range of skills

Body leasing companies have a wide range of IT specialists at their disposal, which allows them to tailor the skills of the hired employee to the specific needs of the company. As a result, the company can benefit from the knowledge and experience of experts in various IT fields, which translates into better results in ongoing projects.

  1. Quality control

The body leasing model allows the company to focus on the quality of the work performed. The company providing the IT specialists is responsible for the quality of the services provided, which gives the client a guarantee of satisfaction. In case of unsatisfactory results, the cooperation can be quickly terminated and another specialist can be found, which is much more difficult in case of permanent employment.

  1. Access to the latest technology

IT specialists hired through Body Leasing often work for different companies, which means they have access to the latest technologies and industry practices. As a result, the company using their services can innovate and maintain a competitive edge in the marketplace. Hiring such a specialist allows you to benefit from their knowledge and experience without having to invest in time-consuming and costly training of internal staff.

  1. Risk reduction

Working with a staff leasing company allows you to reduce the risks associated with hiring. If an IT specialist does not meet expectations, the company can quickly terminate the relationship without incurring additional termination costs. In the body leasing model, the company providing the specialists is responsible for the quality of the services provided, which further protects the client’s interests.

  1. Optimisation of management processes

Hiring IT specialists in the Body Leasing model allows you to optimise your human resources management processes. The company can focus on its core competencies by entrusting the management of IT resources to an external company. This frees up management resources that can be used to develop business strategy and manage other areas of the business more effectively.


Body leasing is becoming an increasingly popular solution in the IT industry. As a body leasing company, we offer a wide range of IT specialists ready to support your business in a flexible and efficient manner. Contact us to find out more about our services and how Body Leasing can help your business meet the challenges of today’s IT market –

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