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Pros & Cons of Body Leasing Model

By 24 May 2023No Comments

Advantages of body leasing:

  1. Flexibility: With body leasing, companies can quickly adjust the number of employees to meet current business needs. It’s the perfect model for projects with fluctuating workloads.
  2. Time savings: The leasing company handles HR processes such as recruiting, training and managing employees. This allows the company using body leasing to focus on its core business.
  3. Access to experts: The leasing company usually has a broad base of specialists in various fields, so the right expertise for specific projects can be found quickly.
  4. Reduced employment risks: Body leasing transfers many employment risks to the leasing company. The leasing company is responsible for all employment paperwork and can quickly provide a replacement if there are problems with an employee.

Disadvantages of body leasing:

  1. Lack of full control over personnel: In the body leasing model, employees are hired by the leasing company, which means that the company using their services does not have full control over those employees.
  2. Potential communication problems: Leasing employees may be physically distant from the rest of the team, which can make communication and integration difficult.
  3. Lack of employee loyalty: Because employees are employed by the leasing company, they may not feel as connected to the company using their services, which can affect their commitment and loyalty.
  4. Cost: In some cases, the cost of hiring specialists through a leasing company can be higher than hiring them directly, especially over a longer period of time.

The choice of body leasing as a business model should be based on a careful analysis of the company’s needs and the characteristics of the projects for which employees are to be hired.


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