Application Testing

We support testing and quality control processes at every level, from web and mobile testing to automated and performance testing. We have experience in test management from team building, optimization, risk and change management and quality control. Don’t want to build a test team? Communicate your needs to us and we will handle testing comprehensively.

Testing and quality control

What we specialize in:

  • Managing the application testing process in agile and cascading methodologies
  • Project-oriented testing
  • Application testing at every level
  • Customization of test types
  • Testing on multiple devices
  • Multiplatform testing
  • Risk-based management


Good automation not only speeds up testing while maintaining test quality, but also shortens the software development process, reducing Time To Market. With hundreds of phone models on the market, it takes months to test even the most popular devices. This time can be reduced with a device farm and test automation.

Our experts:

  • Help select tools and set automation goals
  • Implement automated tests
  • Integrate them with other team processes
  • Build a CICD process
  • Transfer the best practices and instill a sound approach to test automation to your employees
  • Support you in creating automated tests for web and mobile applications from scratch
  • Optimize and integrate the tests you are already using
  • Select an effective form of regressive test automation
  • Implement automated monitoring and helath checks
  • Share best practices with you and prepare your employees for further independent work

Test Management

The process of effective software testing does not exist without management. Effective management will reduce costs, reduce release time and increase the frequency of releases.

Our experts: 

  • Build and improve the work of the QA department
  • Introduce good practices to the company
  • Optimize the QA business process
  • Design an E2E testing process or develop better solutions within the current one
  • Set appropriate goals based on risk management
  • Define a process for sustainable automation against needs
  • Select the right tools
  • Implement and develop automation as part of the CICD approach


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