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At ARDURA Consulting, we work to earn our customers’ trust with comprehensive and flexible pre- and post-sales services. We assess needs and develop individual and effective solutions. We are seen as a trusted advisor.

ARDURA Consulting’s portfolio is built in the areas of providing specialised IT resources, building, developing and maintaining applications, effective software asset management processes, application testing and software quality assurance.

We provide comprehensive solutions and services throughout Europe, the Middle East and the United States.

With ARDURA Consulting Services you can flexibly adjust the size of your IT team to your needs without involving HR processes. Profiles from our specialist database save time in the recruitment and selection process. If your goal is to find a specialist with unique skills, we can provide a specialist or team of specialists as required.

When it comes to software development, a team of professional developers (architects, programmers, designers and graphic designers) will be tasked with creating a dedicated application. Our engineers plan the implementation of a specific task so that it is optimised and the technology chosen meets the objectives set. Designers with an eye for UX/UI trends will present the concept and an experienced team of software development specialists will implement a complete set of functionalities.

ARDURA Consulting provides support in the development and implementation of processes for optimising and managing licences. We provide support in the preparation phase as well as during software audits performed by vendors or their authorised auditors. ARDURA Consulting’s services enable you to conduct a software audit in your organisation quickly and securely.

ARDURA Consulting’s application testing services include support for testing and quality control processes at various levels, including web, mobile, automated and performance testing. The company specializes in managing the testing process in different methods, offering test type customization, cross-device and cross-platform testing, and risk-based management. Automation is a key component to speed up testing and shorten the software development process. ARDURA Consulting also provides test management support, optimizing processes and implementing good management practices.

ARDURA Consulting specializes in intervening in application performance crises, providing quick diagnosis and effective crisis management. Using Application Performance Monitoring (APM) tools, our services enable in-depth analysis of application performance problems. ARDURA Consulting’s team of specialists identifies the causes of performance problems and proposes remediation strategies to minimise financial loss and protect the company’s image. We also offer a daily application performance monitoring service that not only detects problems, but also identifies faulty architectural assumptions. Regular monitoring allows us to optimize processes and ensure the highest quality of service, supporting IT teams in their quest for technical and business excellence. Our Performance Monitoring during Performance Testing service is aimed at organisations that want to ensure the highest quality and performance of applications prior to deployment. Using APM and the support of an experienced consultant, we carefully analyse each application release to ensure its stability and efficiency. This ensures that each release is ready for deployment, increasing customer confidence and building a positive corporate image. We also offer a daily application quality assurance service, ensuring that every piece of code is carefully analysed and tested. This service increases customer confidence and saves time and resources, minimising the risk of problems later in the product lifecycle. These ARDURA consulting services guarantee a comprehensive approach to software quality and performance, from crisis intervention to continuous monitoring and improvement of production processes.

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