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ARDVote system for the processing of citizen budget votes

Enables handling of the entire application process: from application, through verification, to voting.

Comprehensive management of the citizen budget votes
Extensive reporting capabilities
Adaptable to existing processes
Supports mobile devices
High system performance
Seamless system integration
WCAG 2.0 compliant

How ARDVote works

Provides all interested and authorised users with clear and accurate information about the status of the application and where it is in the process. Based on their function and role in the system, each official and operator has the appropriate permissions. Voting on qualified projects follows the processing of applications in a dedicated module of the system. The way in which the points are distributed can be fully in line with the client’s requirements. Comprehensive reports are available at each stage of the application and voting process, with a variety of data filtering options.

WCAG compliant system WCAG 2.2

Functionality description

  • manage not only the voting process, but also the projects submitted for voting
  • support for both citizen and green budgets
  • możliwość głosowania na dowolnych urządzeniach mobilnych oraz desktop
  • ability to vote on any mobile or desktop device
  • online viewing of the voting process thanks to dedicated charts, panels
  • wide range of reporting possibilities, both on the voting results and on the applications themselves. “Voting with an advisor” – the possibility for a resident to vote with the help of an advisor at the service point

Main advantages

  • The application is available on all devices. It works both in the desktop version and on Android and iOS mobile devices
  • Architectural solutions to ensure performance and stability of work under heavy loads. Up to 1,000 concurrent votes per minute
  • Access security includes encrypted HTTPS, session management that meets all security requirements and additional OTP verification of loggers

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