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Application Testing

From web and mobile testing to automated and performance testing, ARDURA Consulting supports testing and quality control processes at every stage. Our experience includes end-to-end test management: from team building and optimisation, to risk and change management, to quality control. If you don’t want to build your own testing team, let us take care of it for you.

Comprehensive testing strategies
Advanced test automation
Effective risk management
Rapid implementation of changes
Professional QA teams
Optimal testing tools
Software quality that lasts

Application Testing

At ARDURA Consulting, we use our in-depth knowledge and experience to raise the standards of application testing. We offer comprehensive testing services that cover a wide range of activities, tailored to the needs and requirements of each project.

Test Process Management
We manage the testing process efficiently using agile and cascaded methods. Our methods allow us to adapt quickly to change and continually improve the testing process, resulting in faster defect detection and resolution, and better alignment with customer needs.

Project-Oriented Testing
We make sure that every aspect of the application is thoroughly tested and performs as expected.

Testing at every stage
From individual modules and component integration to system and acceptance testing, we test at every level of the application. Our multi-stage approach guarantees comprehensive and accurate testing.

Custom test types
To ensure the most effective and comprehensive testing, we select and customise test types (functional, non-functional, regression, exploratory, etc.) according to the specific needs of the project.

Cross-device and cross-platform testing
We understand the importance of application compatibility and availability in today’s diverse technology environment. We offer multi-device and multi-platform testing to ensure that your software runs correctly on a variety of configurations and systems.

Cross-platform testing
Our multi-platform testing services cover the testing of applications on a range of operating systems and browsers. Our team effectively identifies and resolves platform-specific issues, ensuring performance and quality on any platform.

Risk Management
We identify potential issues and prioritise testing activities using a risk management approach. It allows us to concentrate on those aspects which have the most influence on product quality and durability.

Our application testing services ensure that software not only performs as expected, but is stable, scalable and ready for future challenges. Contact us to discuss how testing can help you achieve your business goals.

We offer a comprehensive application testing service that ensures the highest levels of software quality and performance. We effectively minimise risk and maximise product stability with our advanced testing strategies and experienced teams. We help you get your software to market quickly, efficiently, reliably and securely. Choose ARDURA Consulting to make testing a key component of your business success.

Test Automation

Test automation is a key component of the modern software quality assurance process. At ARDURA Consulting we use automation to increase test efficiency, accuracy and speed, as well as reduce time-to-market. Here’s how we see automation:

Tool selection and goal setting
We help you select the right automation tools for your project and technology specifics. Together we will define automation goals for maximizing ROI and focusing on critical areas of testing.

Automated testing implementation
We implement automated testing as an integral part of the software development cycle and team processes. This means fast and continuous feedback on the health of the application, with tests automatically executed at the right time.

Integration with team processes
Test automation is only effective if it is properly integrated with other development and business processes. We offer integration of automated testing with processes such as Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD), source code management and bug tracking.

Building the CI/CD process
Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment are the pillars of modern software development. We help you build CI/CD processes with test automation as a key element, enabling you to change software quickly and securely.

Training and support
Beyond automation implementation, we also provide training and support for your teams. We want our customers to become test automation experts, not just users.

Optimisation of existing automated tests
If you already have automated tests in place, we can help you optimise them, adapt them to changing requirements and integrate them with new tools and processes.

Automated monitoring and health checks
Automation doesn’t end with testing – it also includes monitoring your application and systematically checking its ‘health’. We implement monitoring systems that continuously track key indicators of application performance and stability.

Automation not only makes our tests faster and more accurate, but also allows them to be run more frequently, resulting in faster bug detection and remediation. Contact us to learn more about how automation can accelerate and improve your organisation’s testing process.

ARDURA Consulting makes every aspect of application testing easier, faster and more accurate. We use the latest technologies and methods to deliver testing solutions tailored to your needs. Find out how our application testing services can improve the quality and performance of your software.

Test Management

Effective test management is the foundation of an efficient and effective quality assurance process. At ARDURA Consulting we understand that test management is not just a matter of tools and techniques, but more importantly a strategic approach to planning, monitoring and controlling the test process. Here are the key aspects of our approach to test management:

Building and Streamlining the Test Department
We can help you set up or develop an internal quality assurance department. We help define the roles, processes and best practices that will ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of the test team.

Establishing good testing practices
We share our knowledge and experience of testing best practice. We help implement methods and standards to improve the quality of testing and the efficiency of the overall process.

E2E testing process design
We design comprehensive end-to-end testing strategies that cover all aspects of the application and software lifecycle. This ensures complete test coverage and minimises the risk of defects in the final product.

Risk Management
Risk management is a key part of our testing strategy. We help you to identify potential project risks and then plan and execute the tests in a way that maximises the security and stability of the software.

Test tool selection
We help you select and implement test tools that best support your project’s testing process. We help you choose solutions that increase testing efficiency and scale as your project grows.

Automation Implementation and Development
As part of test management, we place great emphasis on the implementation and development of test automation. This is particularly important in the context of the Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment approach, where fast and efficient testing is key.

Our approach to test management aims not only to ensure software quality, but also to increase efficiency and reduce testing costs. Contact us for more information on how test management can work for you.

Test Technologies

We use a wide range of tools and technologies to ensure the highest quality of our testing services. Below is a list of the technologies and tools we use to ensure efficiency and accuracy in our testing activities.

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