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Flopsar Suite® – Java Application Performance Management

A solution developed by Flopsar Technology. It allows you to manage the performance of applications written in Java and running on application servers, including Oracle Weblogic Server, Jboss Application Server, Tomcat Application Server, IBM Websphere Application Server, Oracle OC4J.

Java Application Monitoring
30 second diagnostics
Quick deployment
Real-time monitoring
Fault detection with AI
Modular architecture
Flexible licensing

Flopsar Suite® is an innovative diagnostic solution focused on Java applications, developed by Flopsar Technology. Its main function is to identify and analyse all errors and technical problems, allowing the causes of anomalies to be traced and resolved immediately. Flopsar Suite® is an indispensable tool for system maintenance. Its main objectives are continuous availability, immediate reaction to errors, reduction of downtime and effective management of repair time.

Flopsar Suite® does not expect users to anticipate possible errors. Instead of relying on their intuition or experience, the tool provides deep and detailed data tracking to make even the most hidden errors visible. It provides complete, non-aggregated information about the state of the system, allowing users to track application performance in real time, which is particularly valuable for rapid diagnosis and troubleshooting.

As a flexible and adaptable solution, Flopsar Suite® fits well into a variety of IT environments, regardless of the frameworks or application servers used. It includes a range of features that are essential for maintaining, understanding and optimising the performance of systems. Its application goes beyond typical maintenance to include application development and testing processes. A key advantage of Flopsar Suite® is its modularity and ability to be extended with additional plug-ins. This gives users the freedom to customise the tool’s functionality to meet specific needs and allows additional real-time processing to be performed without interfering with the application code. This opens up a wide range of possibilities for application development and maintenance, making Flopsar Suite® a powerful tool in the hands of any developer or system administrator.

Flopsar Advantages

Symptom Driven Diagnostics Technology

SDD technology is an advanced form of artificial intelligence that specialises in identifying the causes of problems in running applications. It is a unique solution capable of analysing and identifying problems during operations that have not yet finished, which is a significant innovation in the field of application diagnostics. The causes of problems are analysed and grouped into two main categories: problems related to the high response time of the application and errors that occur during data processing. As a result, the system is able not only to detect the problem, but also to identify its characteristics and potential source. One of the key strengths of SDD technology is its ability to automatically identify problems and generate reports in the form of symptoms, which greatly facilitates the diagnostic process. What’s more, the technology requires no configuration, making it extremely easy to implement and use.

Root cause identification in less than 30 seconds!

Flopsar Suite® provides fast and effective diagnosis of any problem, with guaranteed detection and root cause determination in less than 30 seconds. Our problem detection methodology uses advanced artificial intelligence techniques and an innovative approach called “containerisation” that significantly changes traditional application performance management. This revolutionary method eliminates the need to review hundreds of dashboards, simplifying and accelerating the process of identifying and resolving problems.

Containment, or the provision of precisely selected data to the relevant support teams, enables fast and efficient decision making. There is no need to analyse hundreds of thousands of requests, or to have a detailed understanding of the code and application architecture. The method automatically identifies performance bottlenecks and suggests specific solutions, such as identifying and suggesting a solution to a database problem. Using containerisation not only simplifies the process of identifying the problem, but also provides ready-made suggestions for solutions, such as shutting down the database when it stops working. This makes it possible for people without deep technical knowledge to effectively manage application performance. With us, you’ll always know when it’s worth involving more advanced support levels, and when basic intervention is enough, significantly reducing response times and enabling immediate problem resolution.

Licensing that gives you FREEDOM!

Flopsar Suite® offers complete flexibility and unlimited deployment options for monitoring agents. You can deploy our agents in any operating environment, from development to test to production. Our solution supports a wide range of technologies, including application servers, microservices, databases and data browsers. What’s more, we don’t limit the number of agents you can install – no matter how many databases or data browsers you want to monitor. Licensing of our software is extremely flexible and only begins when you assign a licence to a specific application. This gives you the freedom to manage your costs and tailor your licensing plan to suit your current needs. You can choose the licensing model that suits you best, whether on a server, application or company-wide basis, and you can also opt for lifetime or time-limited licences. With this freedom, the solution adapts perfectly to the dynamics and specifics of your organisation, allowing you to scale resources and adapt functionality according to your needs and requirements.

Flopsar Suite® provides the ability to fully personalize and optimize the monitoring process to best serve your business.

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