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Flexera One is the future of IT Asset Management

An advanced Software Asset Management (SAM) tool that plays a key role in discovering corporate assets, regardless of their location.

Advanced SAM Management
IT asset discovery
Proactive optimization
Process automation
Reduce IT costs
Support digital transformation
Enable real-time decision making

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Flexera One is an advanced Software Asset Management (SAM) tool that plays a key role in the discovery of enterprise assets, regardless of their location. Its uniqueness lies in its ability to transform complex technology data into practical intelligence. This solution enables the efficient management, control and optimisation of hybrid IT assets, which is invaluable in today’s dynamic technology world.

User benefits

Flexera One is unique in its ability to eliminate spreadsheet chaos and reduce service requests while supporting services within hybrid IT. Process automation and efficient licence positioning calculated by the tool eliminates the need for manual workflows, revolutionising IT asset management.

Use Cases

Flexera One can be used in a variety of scenarios, such as risk management by optimising and controlling shadow IT and proactive technology management by understanding product licensing. It is an essential tool for any organisation that wants to manage its IT portfolio efficiently and securely.

Leverage data

Flexera One makes it possible to use data to effectively manage technology spend. It helps identify unused and redundant software and automates the lifecycle of IT assets, leading to greater efficiency and cost reduction.

Proactive risk management

Flexera One helps organisations successfully pass supplier and regulatory audits by providing consistent, clean, complete and accurate data. This avoids the risks associated with supplier audits and regulatory compliance, and is an invaluable asset for proactive risk management.

Digital transformation

A key tool in supporting digital transformation, Flexera One provides real-time visibility into the hybrid IT environment. This enables better decisions to modernise, migrate or retire IT assets, which is critical in today’s rapidly changing technology landscape.

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