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Software Asset Management

Companies have dozens, often hundreds and thousands of IT systems. Are they all in use? Are you licensing the right software for your business? Are the products installed on the servers and PCs in your organisation really necessary and essential for you to function?

Software Licence Management
Optimise licence spend
Control licence usage
Assist with software audits
Reduce licence risk
Monitoring licence usage
Strategic licence planning

Licence Management Software

Companies have dozens, often hundreds, of IT systems. Are they all being used? Are you licensing the right software for your business? Are the products installed on the servers and PCs in your organisation really necessary and essential for you to function? Audits conducted by software vendors often reveal unwanted software being used, or at least installed, in your organisation. This represents a significant expense that was not necessarily budgeted for this year. The software audit itself is costly and, if irregularities are found, the company’s reputation can be damaged. If the audit is conducted by the tax authorities, the costs and problems can be even greater.

Our clients have saved as much as 25% of their annual software licensing and maintenance support costs.


How do you protect yourself against such a negative scenario?

ARDURA Consulting suggests using the best solutions. The use of these tools allows companies to control the level of use of their licences on an ongoing basis, significantly reducing the time and therefore the cost of managing them.

The solutions we offer:

  • Provide up-to-the-minute knowledge of owned servers, desktops and their associated licences.
  • Enable you to quickly verify ownership after organisational changes.
  • Guarantee a reduction in the cost and risk of auditing software licences – because the system continuously compares actual licence usage with contractual, HR and other sources.
  • Minimise expenditure on new purchases by providing accurate information on what hardware and software we have, in what version, by whom it is being used, what its balance is in relation to the rights purchased, how an expansion of the server, a change in the virtualised environment, etc. may affect this balance.
  • It is a useful tool in the decision-making process for the purchase of specific licence editions (versions).

ARDURA Consulting offers full support in the negotiation of licence agreements and purchasing processes. Our approach is highly efficient and guarantees the best possible terms and conditions, thanks to our experts’ many years of experience in selling and negotiating licence agreements gained from working for software vendors.

Support in negotiating licence agreements

What type of agreement to sign? How to plan the purchase – should it cover only the realisation of the company’s current needs, or also take into account the development of the IT environment? Different software vendors offer different standards for licence agreements, which vary considerably in detail. Standard contracts are many pages long, understanding all provisions is not easy and often raises doubts about their practical interpretation. Sometimes, the meaning of certain provisions only becomes relevant long after the contract has been concluded. This may be due, among other things, to organizational changes in the company. As a result of the above, negotiating licence agreements is a difficult task for both IT and purchasing departments. Good planning for the evolution of the IT environment requires extensive knowledge of licensing, especially when software vendors are primarily concerned with achieving their own short-term sales goals and the strategic objectives of the company, rather than delivering a product that is optimal from the perspective of the customer’s goals and strategies.

ARDURA Consulting offers assistance in the development and implementation of appropriate procedures for the procurement and management of software licences, as well as support in the preparation of a software audit and assistance in its implementation. The services offered by ARDURA Consulting will enable you to conduct a software audit in your organisation quickly and securely.

Software Audit Support

A software licence audit can be one of the most disconcerting events for the CFO and CIO, resulting in unexpected financial results.

Several factors contribute to this:

  • Insufficient knowledge of licensing rules – changes and diversity in licensing rules for different products, even from the same manufacturer, result in a significant organizational effort to use licenses in accordance with acquired rights.
  • Software vendors often leave the interpretation of licensing rules to the user. Asking multiple software vendors to clarify specific rules and situations simultaneously can result in different interpretations.
  • Failure to establish proper procedures for purchasing and managing software can result in a licensing backlog for the organisation.
  • The complexity, the length and the costs associated with a software audit, together with its unfamiliarity and the large number of people involved in the preparation of the documents on the part of the client, are very high.

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